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Data Square Africa has engaged its team in the fight against the COVID 19. We provide governments and private organisations with protective gears and medical equipment to protect and hill patients, medical responders and hospital staff. 

  • Masks

  • Ventilators

  • Gloves

  • Protective gears



About us

Data Square is first and foremost a team of experts, for Governments or Corporate, which focuses most of its activities on the implementation of effective strategies for managing turnkey projects and their implementation in emerging Markets.

Our fields of activity are among others, Energy, Security, Agriculture, Environment, including, Training,...We are here to assist you to get the best of any solution, that we will implement the best way for you.

With our experience in many areas, we are open to new opportunities and we surround ourselves with the best experts in the world.


For any project, Data Square Africa knows how to surround itself with the best experts to ensure the success of the project. Surveys and Design, Technologies, Legal, Logistics, Project Management, Financing,...


Our Group implements a comprehensive approach to project execution, where all aspects are taken into account.

From the analysis of the need to the turnkey delivery, we are the unique point of entry and we manage all the stages of the project,...

Contact us

Contact Us

Hamelacha 23, Rosh HaAyin, Israel 4809239

+972 546 636 570  +972 545 512 923

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