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Data Square Africa has decided to participate in the fight against Coronavirus by offering protective equipment and medical equipment to governments and international organizations. In a concern of reliability, speed and permanent security, we hired our experts to take the greatest care in this mission. We do care about prices and quality to bring the best equipments in the best way possible, as fast as possibleClick here for more information


With 1.1 billion people with little or no access to electricity, energy production is now a challenge for for all countries, as a factor in the development of rural populations.
Our Group has the ability to realize energy projects with "Multi Fuel" systems, using various technologies according to the needs, budgets and expected results, including clean and renewable energies, with the benefits including cost reduction and very limited environmental impacts.


By maximizing agricultural production with drip irrigation technologies, crop greenhouses, livestock monitoring, and more, our solutions enable agricultural costs decreases, which enable improvments of GDP, local jobs, long-term export capabilities which can enables in some cases self-sufficiency.


Emerging countries around the world are facing complex water-related problems, with 2.1 billion people today having little or no access to drinking water. From water treatment, to the supply of water to the populations, including site survey, and water quality gathering, we have the adapted solutions to deliver you turnkey projects very localized or large scale projects and thus allow you to solve the problems related to water, whether for the populations or for industrial uses, factor of development of the rural populations.


From equipment to services, our comprehensive solutions for surveillance of territory, borders, vehicles or VIPs are strategic assets for a country to ensure its development in conditions of stability and attract investors . All this in the greatest discretion.


The construction of strategic infrastructures is part of the constant development of a country and its population. We support you in turnkey projects, bringing also financing solution if needed.


Provider of satellite telecommunications services, equipment and television broadcasting (Broadcast), we rely on a real know-how and a great expertise and an experience of more than fifteen years, in satellite telecommunications (SATCOMS). on the African continent and in rural areas, we provide connectivity and we deliver complex end-to-end projects.

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