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Data Square is first and foremost a team of experts, for Governments or Corporate, which focuses most of its activities on the implementation of effective strategies for managing turnkey projects and their implementation in emerging Markets.

Our fields of activity are among others, Energy, Security, Agriculture, Infrastructure, including Training, administrative process implementation, such as visa request digital solutions.

Besides our experience in many areas, we are open to new opportunities and we surround ourselves with the best experts in the world to ensure success of your project.

Our goal is your success.


We understood modern complex projects are never limited to one area of expertise. 

Our strength is to understand your problem and make sure we have all expertise to meet your expectations and beyond, the best way possible. 

From the analysis of your needs to the turnkey delivery, we are the unique point of entry and we manage all the stages of the project taking into account all the subjects: from Technical analysis, Due diligence of existing solutions, Logistics, Project management, legal, financial and administrative management to post project technical support, we implement a comprehensive approach to project execution, where all aspects are taken into account.

You, as our customer, benefit from a global and complete solution, adapted to your needs ensuring the success of your project.

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