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3M 1860 - N 95 NIOSH

Among the most effective protective masks against COVID-19

NIOSH 2.jpg

3M 1860 : Starting from $1.80 + 10% Commission, CIF USA

N95 NIOSH : Starting from $2.55, CIF USA



- For 3M: 10% commission is the total commission for all brokers - minimum order 1 billion of masks

- Prices are subject to change on a daily basis, according to quantity, availability, destination and timing to close the deal


1. Signed NCNDA

2. Submit Signed Letter of Intent (LOI) and BCL (Bank Confort Letter) dated less than 48 hours before submission.

3. Signed Letter of Attestation (LOA) 

4. Completed and Signed IMFPA by the buyer.

5. Attorney to Attorney conference to validate both the buyer and seller, deliver updated US Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) 24 hours prior to closing. review and authenticate any required documents. 

7. BCL is vetted by Sellers Attorney.  This process will usually take a minimum of 24 hours. 

8. Upon the buyer attorneys satisfaction SGS, Lot numbers, certificates are provided to buyer/buyer’s attorney. 

9. When the buyer is satisfied, a sale and purchase agreement(SPA) will be issued from the seller to the buyer.

10. Upon acceptance of the SPA, the parties will then move to the transaction phase typically through an escrow account and paymaster attorney. 

11. Delivery and payment according to SPA

NOTE: Process can vary according to sellers/buyers expectations


1. Signed NCNDA

2. Factory attestation

3. Submit LC (No Escrow)

4. Once LC submitted and approved, SPA from Seller to Buyer.

5. Upon signature of SPA and approval of transaction, shipping within 24-48h.

6. SGS at arrival.

7. Full payment via LC after SGS approval

NOTE: Process can vary according to sellers/buyers expectations

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